The View Camera

Class is on Tuesdays, 9:20-12:10.

Meet in the critique room. Come to class ready to work, think, and ask questions. This will be a hands-on course, so it will be really helpful if you bring your cameras along for the first few weeks. Although we will work through the whole process once you have your cameras, there will be technical problems to iron out, so if you don't bring the cause of the problem with you, it will be hard to solve it.

Read the course description. Ask questions any time you need to.

Thinking Like a Photographer

When you have a little time on your hands, sit down and read through these quotes from photographers and other artists. The quotes are arranged alphabetically. At the very least read the first two Gs.

Upcoming Requirements
On March 20 your project proposal is due. After that, the rest of this course will be up to you. If there's anything I can do to help along the way, just ask. Your final presentation will be 6-8 prints for display. Size and quantity are not nearly as important as is quality and control of your medium. Your challenge is to show what makes working with large format cameras so special.

Just a reminder of several things you need to do to do well in this class:

- Show up for class
- Turn in assignments on time
- Do good work, which means think about what we're trying to do here.
- Ask questions when you don't understand something. It's the best way we have to get answers when we're stuck.