Photo Business Management

Mercifully, it's over. I am still chopping my way through your last two assignments, but if you are starting to get concerned about your grade, here are a few final things to consider.

If you have not checked your comments, you will not have any idea of how you are doing. If you have checked your comments and are looking for something approaching your final grade, then add all of your points up and divide by the total possible-- three per week except for the last class for which there is one. If you have asked to be excused for a health issue or other emergency you have an exemption to subtract from the number of possible points before you divide. I do make mistakes, so if you find one that affects you, let me know and I'll fix it.

There is a final exam scheduled for this course which I am required to attend. Since I am not giving you a final exam, your attendance is optional. That time, Thursday November 16 at 8:00 am, Room 1440, will be the last time I will accept late assignments. It will also be the last opportunity for you to discover and inform me of mistakes and omissions I have made. Come and talk to me between 8:00am and 9:30, or forever hold your peace. I will also return any papers or cds that you still have with me.
That Last Assignment
I am not sure what went wrong with that last assignment, but except for in a very few cases, what came back was not what I was asking for in the assignment. In most cases, it seemed that you did not understand the assignment, either because you did not understand what I wrote or you did not read it. Consider this assignment my gift to you. I'll consider your links to all kinds of great photographers' sites and other useful and interesting sites to be your gift to me. For those who actually thought about what to build into your site, the effort will not go to waste.

A Final Note
Photo Business Management, the class, may be over. Photo Business Management, your career choice and the object of the past four years and many thousands of dollars, is just beginning. Understand that you will be walking on quicksand; that being a competent photographer will be the least of your problems; and that new information will be arriving every day, so that if you are not accustomed to change, or if you are not what is referred to as a 'lifelong learner,' your career may be short. This was lobbed over my transom today, from a subscription to ASMP's Newslines. One of a dozen useful articles, this one concentrates on keywording. (Make sure to read part 2 too.)
And if you are in the Tuesday night section, you did not get the handouts that Gene Mopsik sent from ASMP. (They were lost by Fedex, and showed up in time for Wednesday section meeting.) Among them are best practices guides to both digital file preparation and commissioning architectural photography. If you are interested in these or other information that he sent I will bring them with me at the final, noted above.

Annotation Notes
Check out these notes on annotations for the how and why, along with some help in turning much of this task into a routine part of your workflow. Please, please, please... at the very least read the assignment before you bombard me with your files, so you size and name them properly.
Notes on Estimating
Here are a few thoughts, notes, and observations about the estimating assignment, along with three examples of estimates prepared for this assignment by photographers who you have met.
An important assignment that many of you have not yet completed. Your loss.
Just a reminder of several things you need to do to do well in this class are to

- Show up for class
- Turn in assignments on time
- Do good work, which means think about what we're trying to do here.
- Ask questions when you don't understand something. It's the best way we have to get answers when we're stuck.