Woody Packard

Photography, Image Management, Teaching


See notes and images from a year in rural western Mongolia, or work-in-progress and other observations of urban Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital.

Various other notes and images can be found in sketches and notes. See portfolios of other recent work and still image projects. (Work on some of these projects has been interrupted by my time in Mongolia, but I do hope to get back to them. This is where they stand now.)


To contact Woody or simply to learn a little more about him.

Client Services  

Photo file pick-up, stock samples, and links.


Plans for a teaching and writing position in Mongolia have run into a snag, so for now I am enjoying my time working on several other projects, as well a my own writing and photography. Here is some information about previous photography and design courses. I also have some information about two Lightroom workshops I taught at the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula last summer.

Shows, Books, Other Stuff  

Video and sound, books, recent shows, and other projects. If you want to see work in progress and others notes, please check out my Notebook.